Unplugged programme

Unplugged is evidence based school prevention programme that was created in the EU international project European Drug Abuse Prevention (EU-DAP) in 2003–2007. The evaluation of the program has shown effective outcomes in the delay of the onset of drug use and a reduction in the use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis among the age groups involved.

The main goal of Unplugged programme is to arm children with the skills needed for healthy living and preventing them from use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Schoolchildren of the 6th–7th forms attend 12 lessons at which they learn how to socialize, develop critical and creative thinking, defend their own point of view, recognize the influence of their contemporaries and find out about the harm inflicted by the use of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics. The seminars are conducted by class masters, social pedagogues and psychologists who have received special education in 2 days seminars.