Mentoring programme

Mentoring programme is a voluntary program where an adult (mentor) and a young person (mentee) build a relationship over the course of a year to empower, inspire, and motivate the young person and their outlook for the future.

The Mentoring Program is entirely voluntary; all young people who want an extra adult in their lives are welcome to apply to the program. Adult Mentors are recruited from our partners. Mentors are interviewed and must submit an up-to-date criminal record check and two independent references (one professional and one personal). We match young people with Mentors based on personality, interest and gender. The Mentoring programme is a commitment that lasts for one year during which the Mentor pair are required to meet at least twice a month. We offer a small grant for each pair to fund outings and activities. All prospective Mentors are required to complete a 12-hour training course. They also have constant access to and support from Mentor Program Managers.